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We love vintage rugs for their character, and the stories they tell. But they do require a bit more attention than the run of the mill, newly purchased alternatives. Here are our best tips for ensuring your vintage rug lives a long and happy life. 

Be deliberate in the placement of your rug. Try to find a spot with less foot traffic to minimise its exposure to wear and tear. This can be done by putting them in more formal spaces that are used infrequently, such as a dining room, or by placing them in more unconventional places, as art on the wall. 

When cleaning your rug, make sure that you use the proper vacuum settings. Opt for the bare-floor setting as it tends to be more gentle. In the event of a spill, make sure to immediately blot the area with a damp, un-dyed cloth to minimise damage. If the spill is more severe, seek out a professional cleaner as opposed to subjecting the rug to harsh chemicals. 

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