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As I unpack from a warm weekend in Tahoe and put away my light summer clothes, I can’t help but look forward to the change in season. I find myself eager for sweater weather to begin, along with the transition from my summer wardrobe to fall. I can’t wait to take out my favorite fall pieces that have been tucked away for the summer! The perfect fall outfit involves lots of layers and there is one versatile piece that stands out over all the others - the cardigan. It is an essential piece for autumn and considered a classic for good reason.

Bold and bright or relaxed and cozy, cardigans speak to us all.

Sezane Cardigan white

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A cardigan is a perfect transition piece for in-between autumn days. You can easily slide it on or off and keep them in your bag for chilly changes in temperature. Cardigans also give freedom to add personal style to your outfit. Pair a cardigan with a graphic tee and slouchy jeans or dress it up with a blouse and maxi skirt. The options are endless. Whether you’re looking to stay warm or looking to make a statement this fall, there are unlimited options when looking to fit cardigans into your wardrobe.

Scroll through to see the cardigans that are giving us inspiration as we head into fall.

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October 29, 2023 — Paulina Lucas