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Calling All Creatives

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Calling All Creatives

Calling All Creatives


I rarely say I'm out of ideas.  But I'm out of ideas.  I spent so much time and energy putting out creativity these last few years, that I feel I've depleted my stores of travel, lifestyle and editorial inspiration to draw from.  

I believe that generously sharing ideas and inspiration makes us all better and more creative.  So please send any and all of your secret sources for inspiration that fuel your life and work to help me fill my cup.  And any of my creative friends who want to do a lifestyle shoot just for fun, hit me up.   

This is just a temporary loan.  I promise to re-pay you with interest in the form of gorgeous images from our upcoming European trip, an infusion of inspiration from a secret project that's coming later in the year, and new ideas that hit my radar from my  community of creative friends. 

Then let's keep the circle going to bring bigger, better, more unique ideas to the community to fill all our cups till they overflow with beauty.


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