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With the confluence of California's Shelter In Place order and "Little Fires Everywhere" on Hulu, I'm reminded of how much I love to read.  I discovered "Little Fires Everywhere" in an airport when it first came out in 2017, and it quickly made the rounds through all the women in my family.  It's one of my favorites.  The fact that the miniseries is being released one episode at a time is both a good thing and terribly troubling for me.  

Occasionally I'll join my Dad in reading a biography (Hamilton) or a historical account (In the Garden of Beasts).  Since we visited Normandy together a few years ago we both have been enamored with World War II stories.    But I'm mostly inclined toward fiction.  Over the years, I've learned which of my friends shares my taste in books and which can challenge me to try something I wouldn't typically choose.  At the moment I have a stack of ten books on my bedside table, each recommended by a different friend or family member. 

If you're looking for a good read to pass the time until we can all gather again in public places, here is my list of all time favorites. 

this book speaks to everything I believe in fate, wrapped up in a charming story about two childhood friends and where their lives lead them

my favorite part about this book is the descriptions of the photographs that fill the house of the central characters

oh la la.  this book has so many twists and turns.  I can't tell you more, but it will leave you wondering which way is up for weeks after you read it.  

a study of what goes on behind closed doors in an American household and how one decision can change hundreds of lives. 

a world war II story about a man with a secret.  that's all I'll say. 

it's a heartbreaking story, but so well written.  it explores the very sensitive topic of a fictional school shooting in a thoughtful and unique way.  

Happy reading, friends! 

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