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Black Out | Summer Edition

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Black Out | Summer Edition


black linen caftan


Laurie's All Black Summer Travel Capsule

I have some fun summer travel planned, and my all black travel capsule served me so well last fall.  So I've adapted it to summer.   And as I'm packing in my head I'm realizing - smaller, lighter garments = more options.   

everlane caftan


Take a peek at the items on my packing list. 

Jackets (just in case)

100% Linen Trench Coat

Linen Blazer

Bottoms, Dresses & Jumpsuits



 Cotton Caftan

Slip Skirt

Fleece Skirt

Tank Jumpsuit

Backless Linen Maxi Dress


Silk Camisole

Black Cotton Button Down

Ribbed Black Tank 

Pretty Blouse

Apron Linen Tank





Other Treats

Slip Dress

Silk Bandana

Black Swimsuit

Packable Straw Hat

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