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Laurie's All Black Travel Capsule

When I was planning for my most recent European shopping trip, in addition to my usual challenge of packing only a carry-on bag, I also had the challenge of traveling with the extremely stylish Sepi.  So my daytime and my evening games both had to be sharp. 

As I was packing in my head, as I always do, I decided that all black was going to give me the most flexibility and the best chance at a hard working wardrobe by day, and chic ensembles by night.  I packed a combination of my best things and some of my sale scores, all my favorites in shades of black.  

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My all black collection of garments served me so well throughout the trip, I think it will be my new packing strategy from now on. 

Take a peek at the contents of my bag

Coats + Warm Things

Black Wool Overcoat 

Light Leather Jacket

Fringed Wool Scarf



Striped Trousers

Cashmere Leggings

Slip Skirt



Oversized Ribbed Sweater

Cashmere Sweatshirt

Silk Camisole

Black Cotton Button Down

Pretty Blouse


Western Boots



Other Treats

Velvet Double Breasted Blazer

Slip Dress

Silk Bandana

Cashmere Socks

Washable Silk Cotton Pajama Set

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