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Behind the Scenes at Our Holiday Photo Shoot

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Behind the Scenes at Our Holiday Photo Shoot
blond girl with camera

kelsey framing up her shot

Shoot days at Elsie Green are our favorite.  We have food props, foraged flowers and branches, lots of snacking and there's usually someone with a film camera to capture the people behind the camera.  This time it was Andie with her vintage Minolta SRT-100 shooting Kelsey (photographer) and Terra (stylist).  

brass candlestick
candles burning for a dramatic, drippy tapers shot.  but our darn dripless tapers would not cooperate

blond girl with camera

kelsey standing by on set, waiting for terra to finish working her styling magic

woman shooting wine glasses

terra checking the composition for one of our cover shots

pine branches olive branches

foraged flora at the ready for terra's fresh olive wreath

women lunch in parking lot

family lunch!

girl with pie

one of our shoot days fell on Katie's 17th birthday, so we indulged in Milk Bar Pie and kelsey's chocolate, olive oil and citrus cake from the Canelle et Vanille cookbook baked for the shoot

cheese plate

the girls brought me this perfectly composed treat after I wandered out of my office onto set and mentioned I hadn't had breakfast
redhead on block print sofa
michele hiding out in my office eating food props pillaged from the set
women studio portrait thonet chair
kelsey and terra looking super cool blocking in the team portrait
women potluck
terra and kelsey don't like to shoot anything they wouldn't eat, so at the end of the day, we feast!
Note:  Andie got her film camera at the National Camera Exchange and shoots  on Kodak 400 ISO color.  
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