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Soulful Touches for Your Holiday Table

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Soulful Touches for Your Holiday Table

bread board stoneware plates

We all have those basics in our entertaining arsenal that we reach for over and over again.  And then we have those more special pieces, like the family silver or a breadboard carried back from a Parisian flea market, that add soul to the table and trigger warm memories.  

Of course your big white platters and fancy stemware are essential to making your table work, but we think integrating some of your own treasures is what makes it sing. 

So go ahead and polish up the family silver, use your vintage board for the cheese course and put out your mom's stoneware plates from the 70s for dessert.  Your table will be prettier for it, and your guests will appreciate the fun story telling that goes along with using your grandfather's engraved christening cup for mint on the bar. 

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