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An Ode to Bread

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An Ode to Bread

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French, Sourdough, Focaccia, Rye, Spelt, Millet, Rustic, Baguette, Chapati, Irish Soda, Challah. Crusty, crunchy, sumptuous warm bread in a basket.

The act of breaking bread is more than just a saying, it is quite literally what we do whenever company arrives. It is often the first thing that arrives at any restaurant, and it is a point of pride for any home chef to produce a bread board with home made loaves for their guests. In fact, it seemed to be the trend du jour during the first covid year to tend to a sourdough starter or create the perfect no-knead loaf of bread.

Many cultures are gearing up for the biggest family feasts of the year, and lovingly planning their menus. There are always many different offerings on the table, and each year some of the dishes from years past will be replaced with another that the host wants to try. The one true north star on every table, though, is bread.  

To come together around the table is such a simple idea, yet it brings so much joy. Bread may echo that sentiment exactly: simple joy. Companionship can feed more than just our hearts and souls, and it feels like bread can stir those feelings as well. As we prepare to entertain and cook for our guests, perhaps we can turn our attention to the more simple and subtle details that are truly the heart of it all.

Bread Delivery
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