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I have a daughter who's graduated from college & is working her first job.  My 19 year old niece is visiting for the summer.  My youngest is now 14.  And at the shop every day I am surrounded by women who are about half my age.  So I have been thinking a lot lately about life, lessons,  the things that have made me who I am & the hard-won wisdom that comes with life experience.  

I have made some stupid mistakes & wasted precious time being resentful, or angry or hurt.    But I have (mostly) learned from my mistakes & try to always strive to be better.  So to my 25 year old self, I would like to share some important lessons...

  Listen to your mom.  She's right more than she's wrong
Your parents & grandparents (& your in-laws) had full, interesting lives before you arrived.  Ask them to share their stories
  Make a habit of saying yes to things you're not sure you can do.  You'll surprise yourself
Spend more time on your skin care than on your makeup.  
 The health of your mind, body & soul is a lifetime investment.  Don't let it get away from you
Be generous...with your praise, with your time, with your kindness, with anything you have to share
Someone else's success is not your failure.  Be happy for the people around you when something good happens to them
Tell people what you want them to know...if you're sorry, say it, if you love someone, say it, if you're angry, say it
Regrets & grudges hold you in the past.  Find a way to resolve whatever it is, or just decide it's not important to you.  And then move on.  Forever

Invest in nice underwear.  It will give you more subtle confidence than anything else in your closet

So to all the beautiful young women in my life -- please take what you need from this list, listen to your mom, and I love you.  

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