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A Must Read: Travel Home

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A Must Read: Travel Home
inspiration worthy homes
the home of Kendra Smoot in San Anselmo
We're suckers for an inspiring design book.  Especially one that we continually pull out to flip through when we're in need of a little creative boost.  Travel Home is just that (and more).  Written by our dear friends Caitlin Flemming and Julie Goebel, Travel Home brings all of our favorite things together: travel, inspiring spaces, and passionate people.  Not only does Travel Home look gorgeous on the coffee table, it also leaves you with practical information to incorporate into your own design projects.  Whether you're an interior designer with decades under your belt, or an average homeowner looking to spice up your space, Travel Home has something to offer.  If you haven't picked up this gem yet, stop everything and do so right away. 
inspiration worthy dining rooms
the home of Peggy Wong in San Francisco
inspiring spaces in travel home
the home of Crystal and Andrew Palecek in San Francisco
inspiring bathroom ideas
the home of Vanessa Alexander in Mammoth Lakes
inspiring white and wood bedrooms
the home of Phoebe Stephens in Mexico City
all white living room
the home of Vicente Wolf in Montauk
playing with patterns
the home of John Robshaw in New York
inspiring homes to love
the home of Peggy Wong in San Francisco
As you can tell, Travel Home is a must to add to your book collection.  It truly has it all.  And trust us when we say you won't be able to put it down.
The Elsie Team
| all photos by Peggy Wong for Travel Home |
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