In your mid to late twenties, it's very easy to just collect stuff. With constant moving, dozens of roommates, and collecting furniture via friends, it somehow all seems to pile up quick.

styled bookshelves with books and art

I'm currently in the midst of decorating my first New York City apartment, and rather than falling into that trap of maximalism and consumerism, I'm trying to be very intentional when building my new home. I am trying to be greener, more purposeful, and select pieces that will move with me wherever I go.

nightstand with glowing lamp 

During this journey of decorating my first real big girl apartment, I've learned a few things along the way. Here's a list of my tips for building a greener home.

vintage vessel with blooming branches

1. Buy Vintage

This one may seem obvious, but until working at Elsie Green, I never got the whole vintage thing. My parents always tried to get me on board, but I never realized how cool their store was until they offered me a job. Now, I have to restrain myself from buying everything they carry. And as my mother always says, "the greenest thing of all is not making anything new."

cheeseboard and wine glasses

2. Facebook Marketplace

This is a new obsession for me, but surprisingly, some of my best art has come from FB Marketplace. I've gotten vintage paintings and prints for incredible prices, and found some beautiful vintage furniture from fellow New Yorkers here. Trust me, don't knock it until you try it.

vintage new york city painting

3. Invest in High Quality Pieces

In my early twenties, I liked to peruse the curbs around my college campus for discarded furniture. While I did find a few gems that way, now, I'm very committed to investing in high quality pieces that'll come with me wherever I go. My dad bought me a beautiful reclaimed wood bed for my new apartment, and I know I'll love it for years to come.

large window with rattan chair

4. Embrace the Hand-Me-Down

When I moved to New York, I took a lot of things from my parents' house with me. They were trying to downsize, so they just made big piles of things that I then shipped to New York. I ended up with a lot of beautiful things that I really treasure, like my great grandmother Margaret's sugar sifter, engraved with "Grams." Or, my mother's pedestal plate that has sat on her vanity for years that I have always admired. Now, my home is full of used, sentimental things, rather than new mass-produced ones.

rug and bed

5. Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

Say goodbye to single use plastic, ziplock bags, and plastic wrap. Find reusable swaps for all these things, and your home will be much greener and happier.

vintage louis philippe mirror selfie

Andie Furber