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All the Elsie Green girls have been inspired by Austin Kleon's list of "100 Things That Made My Year (2022)" and we've started creating our own lists.  It's a simple, but effective exercise in finding the joy in the every day. 

Thank you Austin for the inspiration.  And thank you to all the people who made this a damn good year.  

  1. Starting the year with a quiet New Year's Eve overnight in San Francisco with Pallavi.
  2. Moving into a new place with a new neighborhood to explore. 
  3. Discovering the Grand Lake Farmer's Market in my new neighborhood.   
  4. Dinner on the floor with Kelsey before my new apartment had furniture in it.  
  5. Nights on the roof watching the sunset, drinking a kir and contemplating life.  
  6. The bittersweet moment I sent Andie off to New York City to start a new chapter of her life.  So proud and so sad at the same time.
  7. Books by John Boyne.
  8. An amazing dinner on a mountain top with Jack, Katie and Amelia.  The combination of atmosphere, food and company was perfection. 
  9. Three days at Miraval with my sister moving from pool to pool, reading and talking about everything under the sun. 
  10. Hosting the Elsie Green book club.  What did we read?  No idea.  But spending an evening outside work with my Elsie Green family is always a treat.  
  11. Two long visits from my parents.  Having them within arm's reach for long stretches is always so nice.
  12. A night alone at the Oakland Symphony.  
  13. One day of digital detox
  14. One weekend with no work, no responsibilities, and no plans.  
  15. Re-discovering music.  My new apartment doesn't have a TV in the main room, so I've started automatically putting on music when I wake up or when I return home.  Send me your favorite playlists!  
  16. Beth's This is 60 list. And a recent discussion with Carolyn about what kinds of lists we want to embrace in 2023 and what kinds of lists we want to forego.  
  17. The passing of my mother-in-law was a sad event, but seeing all the people whose lives she touched at her celebration of life was an inspiration. 
  18. An impromptu ski weekend with all three kids in Colorado. 
  19. Cinema nights with Katie in the big bed projecting movies on the wall.
  20. A photo safari with Kelsey's photo club in Chinatown.
  21. Taking the ferry to the city for said photo safari, and drinking margaritas on the top deck on the return trip.  And the looooonnnnnngggg nap after. 
  22. Receiving an unmarked box with a huge amaryllis bulb inside.  Turns out it was a gift from my friend Christopher in Boston. 
  23. A weekend in LA with Beth.  Some work, some play. 
  24. A barn dance with Beth and Peter. 
  25. A quiet weekday morning catching up with Kendra at the kitchen counter. 
  26. Getting COVID in Budapest.  COVID, not so much.  But taking long walks through the city streets to get some fresh air in my lungs made me slow down and appreciate the city in a way I might not have otherwise.
  27. Discovering Duotrigordle (thank you Anna).
  28. The arrival of our third Elsie Green baby:  Maggie Chandler.
  29. Hugging Isabella in person after three long years.
  30. The screen shot of a text thread between Andie and Katie talking about how much they wanted me to join them for the Taylor Swift concert. 
  31. A trip to Europe with JP.  In the eleven years we've had Elsie Green, we've never been on a sourcing trip together. 
  32. A long weekend in NYC with Andie, seeing the city through her eyes.  NYC is her city now and I'm the tourist.
  33. Showing Katie all the classic spots on her first trip to NYC.
  34. A Sunday morning hike at Land's End.
  35. A yoga class on Baker Beach that ended with the entire class at the water's edge linking arms and supporting each other in a balancing pose.  It felt like a metaphor for the people who support us through difficult times.
  36. One night at the Carlyle Hotel with Andie.  
  37. Dropping into Zoe's life for an evening of tacos, Yahtzee and stories with her husband and her daughters.
  38. Alvin Ailey with Michele.  I go every year and Revelations always makes me cry.
  39. Seeing Michelle Obama.
  40. One crazy night at Hi Felicia with Kelsey.  So many courses, so many melting candles, so many laughs. 
  41. A long walk on a rainy day in Paris to Rue Mouffetard, popping in and out of the food stalls collecting things for a lobby picnic with JP later. 
  42. French conversation classes with Andie on Wednesday nights. 
  43. A quiet chat with Philippine in the attic of a dealer's shop in Avignon. 
  44. A glass of champagne at a street cafe with Alena on our first night in Paris. The owner decided he needed to pop a new bottle for us and gave me the cage as a souvenir. 
  45. Happening upon Atelier Brancusi on an evening walk in Paris. 
  46. A candle lit dinner on the terrace at Mimi Calpe in Tangier.
  47. Playing trivia with all the kids while waiting for our dinner reservation in Olympia.
  48. Orcas in the Puget Sound!
  49. Roller skate dancers outside Notre Dame on a Friday night in Paris.
  50. Visiting the apartment of a dealer in a tiny village in the south of France.
  51. The Met at night. 
  52. Brunch at Cafe Marly in the shadow of the Louvre.
  53. The candles floating in the pool at night at El Fenn.
  54. Eating Moroccan crepes by the pool on our last day in Tangier.
  55. Cousin Camp in Olympia with ALL the kids.  
  56. A long weekend hosting Clay and David in Oakland.  I could listen to them tell stories for hours.  
  57. The Science of Happiness class I took with EdX.
  58. A weekend in Tucson with Jack & Amelia.  
  59. The barrage of photos and stories of my mother-in-law as a young woman that filled the family group text after her passing. 
  60. A pile of photos of JP, Brad, Sabina, my sister and me in the 90s.   
  61. Summer trips to the city on the ferry with Katie. 
  62. An east coast leaf peeping road trip with Andie.  
  63. The Newport Mansions!
  64. Another visit to Seven Lakes Inn. 
  65. Breakfast with Christopher in Boston. 
  66. Chats with Jack about business, leadership, and life. 
  67. Taylor Swift song draft in the orchard. 
  68. The Spotify playlist Jack made for me. 
  69. A night floating in the pool endlessly with Katie at Indian Springs. 
  70. My dad dancing at Hip Hop Nutcracker. 
  71. My little Charlie Brown Christmas tree and a giant branch of mistletoe Sepi found for me at the Flower Mart.
  72. A two day ceramics workshop where I learned wheel throwing, but also patience and focus.  
  73. The feeling of accomplishment from making a spoon from a block of wood. 
  74. Floating in the pool with my inner tube and my book after hot summer Saturdays in the shop. 
  75. A lovely toast Brad gave at a family dinner in Olympia. 
  76. Hammock chairs, a book and a big glass of water at the beach. 
  77. Sending mail to friends. And getting mail from friends!
  78. Irish dancing TikTok. 
  79. Teaching myself to be a better cook. 
  80. Ten days in Hawaii with JP and the kids.  Each day was a gift.  
  81. The chicken sando with training wheels from Hot Boys,  the Paloma from Cafe Van Kleef and the fragrant strawberries from the French farmer's markets in May.  
  82. Spa water in my fridge. 
  83. Permanent bracelets with all my girls.  
  84. A trip to Ojai with Katie and my sister.  The hotel was a little weird, but the foot massages we got at some random place in Santa Barbara were divine. 
  85. Celebrating three very big birthdays with three very special women. 
  86. My sporadic meditation practice.  
  87. Hiking to the West Point Inn for pancakes with Katie.  Next time we'll be more prepared. 
  88. The Leonard Cohen documentary.  And Antoinette Dans Les Cevennes, which I saw because Cohen was sold out the first time I went.  
  89. The Guo Pei exhibit at Legion of Honor.
  90. Buying myself flowers every Sunday.  
  91. Thai massages. 
  92. Dumplings, presents & Martinelli's at my house with all the kids and JP. 
  93. Slumber parties with friends.
  94. Letting the owner order for me at House of Nanking. 
  95. Shopping for books at City Lights. 
  96. The trains in Europe.
  97. Friday nights in the fall at OCMA.
  98. Quiet moments in the shop talking to the girls (and Joey) about life.  
  99. Fresh mint tea from Beth's garden and fresh lemons from Carolyn's trees. 
  100. Spending New Year's Eve at The Madrona with Carolyn reflecting on 2022 and dreaming about 2023.  




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