2954 Treat Blvd suite c concord california 94518

6770 McKinley Street

Sebastopol California 95472


Mon-Sat, 9am-4pm


Everyday 10am-6pm


Why We Built The Barlow


JP & I have lived in the world of retail for more than half our lives now.  We have worked mostly for large companies with large inventories, large checkbooks, and sometimes we've sold things we wouldn't necessarily want to own.  

As we were crafting our vision for Elsie Green, we were looking for something we felt was missing:  a collection of pretty, sustainable things for your home that was neither too modern, nor too rustic.  Just pretty things lovingly chosen by hand, and sold with an extraordinarily personal level of service.  Things we would have in our own home.  Simple.

When the opportunity to open a new shop at The Barlow presented itself, again, we thought we could offer something that we felt was missing:  A shop that demonstrates the value of a little drama. A shop where you can find ideas and inspiration that you haven't seen before.   A shop where the shop girls (or boys) are as enamored with the merchandise as we are.  A shop where every piece has a story.  A shop that feels like walking into someone's living room.  A shop you can visit and feel satisfied, even if you don't buy a thing.  

Essentially, we wanted to build the shop that we would like to shop in.  Or visit when we go to a new city and take a million photos.  Or be excited to tell our friends about.  

We're pretty happy to say:  mission accomplished.  At the new shop, you don't have to spend big bucks to come away with something.  There are chic ideas for styling your coffee table, deep and dramatic paint colors, lovely dining tables ready to inspire your dinner party, a 200 year old antique French wine press bolted to the wall to form a king-size headboard that is quite photogenic, and pretty treasures tucked here and there to create the feeling of your own European treasure hunt. And the team can talk to you for 20 minutes about their favorite thing in the shop, if you have the time.  They'll definitely pet your dog and give her a treat.  

Come on down.  You might even find one of us chilling on the vintage black leather chesterfield with a cup of coffee from down the way.   As we imagined, The Barlow is one of our favorite places to be.