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This One Wild & Precious Life

My comfort zone has changed dramatically over the last seven years. 
I now say yes to more things than I say no to. I spend several weeks a year in a country whose language I do not speak fluently.   I travel on trains by myself to explore new countries.  I can wire a lamp, I can climb a 30' ladder, I can make mayonnaise from scratch, I can identify a wood species by just looking at the grain, I can make boeuf bourguignon using only items I can find in my pantry, I can drive a 26' truck.   I got a tattoo.
My life is so much broader than it was just a few years ago.  My world is wider, my love is bigger, I try with my actions to create ripples in the pond that make my people's lives a little better.  And now I'm ready to push through another layer of limitations.  
The intention that will guide me in 2018 will be Challenge.  I want to challenge myself to push past just good enough and finally become fluent in French.  I want to challenge myself to practice gratitude for what I have.  I want to challenge myself to do some things I'm pretty sure I can't.    Small challenges and big ones; all are welcome.  
My hope is that this quest will create a springboard to vault through another layer of limitations and on and on.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  In a good way.  
What will I do with this one wild and precious life?  I'm gonna leave it all on the field this year.