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April 28



Find alert! We found this image on Pinterest a few weeks back and had to find the designer. Hack with Design is an online shop filled with neutral tones and airy clothes.  

April 21



Today on Etcetera we're discussing paint colors, our new favorite Instagram handle and some cute summer sandals. Read below for more details!

April 19


Photo by Elsie Green

We are beyond thrilled to share that we will be carrying Fog Linen products at our shop. Read further for more details! 

April 15



Hey friends!   As you know, we are huge fans of  new year's resolutions.   We love that feeling that we have a chance to start over, and an entire year stretched out in front of us to make something new and wonderful happen.  And when we shared our resolutions, we found that we all want something similar:  to be happy, healthy, generous people. Worthy goals indeed. 

Just like new presidents or new CEOs, we always like to pause after the first 100 days to evaluate our progress.   Read on to see how we're doing.

April 14



What do the French always do when decorating? My Domaine revealed 10 great secrets to mastering the French style at home.


April 7



Irene Edwards, the Editor-in-Chief of Sunset Magazine, lives in a beautiful 100-year-old Victorian home right here in the Bay area. Her house is stunning and we love the edginess and chic style shown throughout.


April 5



One of our favorite things in our shop is our big Moroccan basket. Each is hand woven in Marrakech and they are perfect for just about anything... Here at Elsie Green, we love to use these baskets for both the shop and at home...

March 31



Pinkspiration is over at sf girl by bay this week... 

March 24



Finding well made clothing is definitely still a challenge...

March 18



Warm coffee, yummy baked goods and a nice spring breeze sound just about perfect right now...

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